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To promote and maintain mental wellness, NTHU offers various counseling services to students, faculty and staff members at the University Counseling Center. The clinic and the center not only provide services when needed, but also organize and present educational programs for all members of the Tsing Hua family in the hope to foster a healthy living style and sound mental attitude.

The goal of the Counseling Center at Tsing Hua University is to promote the mental health status of the students, the faculty and staff and their family members, and the graduates. Through the assistance of individual counseling, group counseling, workshops, speeches, psychological tests, assessments and diagnoses, and various activities related to mental health, individuals enhance their ability in coping and problem-solving, and learn to explore their potential in building a happy, rich and meaning life.

Service time & place
Office Hour W1-W5 08:30-17:00
Intake Counseling W1-W4 09:00-18:00 ; W5 09:00-17:00
Individual counseling W1-W4 09:00-21:00 ; W5 09:00-17:00

Q1:Why do I need counseling?
Most people initiate counseling because they are suffering and unable to function well to resolve problems. They often feel hopeless, helpless and overwhelmed when facing problems. After you initiate counseling, you can decide to continue or terminate counseling anytime you wish. If you are active in taking counseling, you will gain from counseling more and better. If you take counseling regularly and actively, you are more likely to reach your goals and get better sooner.

Q2:If I know someone who needs counseling, what can I do for them? How can I make a referral?
Your support is very important. Listen carefully and tell that person about the Counseling Center and its services. Also, you can pay more attention to their circumstances. In addition, do not put everything on your shoulders. You can invite friends to form a team to assist that person. Try to invite the person to make an appointment with counselors but do not push them. If you would like to make a referral, you should gain permission from that person, and then fill out a referral form. Then, please call or send the referral form to us. Always remember, your care, active listening, and empathy are very helpful for the person in need. Finally, if you have any questions about providing help or making a referral, please call us or come and talk with us.

Q3:If I know someone in danger or attempting suicide, what can I do for them?

Call the 24-hour Crisis Center 0911-799-474 on campus as soon as possible. Be aware of their emotional state and behavior. Try to help them connect with people who are around them. Do not leave them alone when they are in a highly emotionally disturbed state.
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