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Q1. How does the course selection in NTHU work?

Course selection must be done in the ACADEMIC INFO SYSTEM. The process includes:

1. Tentative schedule: allows student to pre-arrange the courses for the next semester.

2. The first, second, and third selection of classes are done at the end of each semester. The selection period is open for about a week

3. After each selection, the system will run a randomization process for courses that exceed the limit.

4. Add-or-Drop Selection: within three weeks of the beginning each semester. This phase also accepts enrollment forms in courses with a limit

5. Withdraw: within a month after the first midterm, Course fees will not be refunded for the withdrawn course

Q2. Can students of NTHU select courses from another school? How is the process done?

Yes, the students of NTHU can select courses from another school.

The process for the selection of courses is done this way:

1. Go through each school’s “Inter-school Course Selection Guidelines”

2. Go to ACADEMIC INFO SYSTEM→ interschool courses selection →forms for interschool courses selection and fill out the form, then print it out.

3. On the form for NTHU, fill in: the advisor’s signature, the department’s director, and the division of curriculum’s signature.

4. On the form for the applicant school, fill in: the course professor’s signature, the course department’s signature, and the division of curriculum’s signature.

5. After completing the above items, return the form back the division of curriculum

6. The division of curriculum will immediately display the courses in the ACADEMIC INFO SYSTEM.

For more information visit:

Q3. What is the average number of credits to take per semester?

Every department has different rules and guidelines. Before the course selections one must talk to the laboratories’ partners or the seniors to understand the rules and difficulty of each course, then you may proceed to select the course.

Normally for engineering students, 3-4(9 credits) courses per semester will be appropriate.

Q4. Is there any other additional information for the course selection?

1. Confirm the rules of each course.

2. Passing scores for master courses and other courses are 70.

3. If all the courses that one selected did not receive a passing score, one will be expected to be expelled, so try not to select only one class.

4. Try to talk to the advisor or to the laboratories’ partner for more information about the courses, select the courses that help the research.

Q5. Can student choose the advisor when the semester starts? Is there any precaution before choosing the advisors?

1. When a student is accepted, one will be given a choice to choose a professor with related research and an advisor. If a student has not arrived in time, one will be able to choose when one is able to arrive at school. If one isn’t able to decide, then the department's director will be his or hers advisors during that year.

2. While looking for an advisor, student will be able to contact with professors that are related to one’s field of study, or interview with the professor, so that one could understand the research field and the requirements to graduate.

3. Also students are allowed to communicate with the lab students that are guided by the professor to receive help when choosing an advisor.

Q6. Can student change the advisor? How is the process?

1. Yes, student can change his or her advisor. However, if one changes his or hers advisor, please decide and confirm your new advisor so that one could avoid affecting one’s research or/and delay schedule.

2. Every department has a different process, normally it’s required to download and print out the Requisition and appoint the new advisor. The form needs to be approved by the advisors and the department’s director. After completing all the steps, turn in the form to the department’s office.

Q7. What is the graduate requirements for postgraduate student (Bachelor and PHD) in NTHU?

The basic requirements for the postgraduate students are to complete all the necessary credits, finish the thesis and pass the oral test. For more specific rules, please look at each department’s requirements. Also different advisors have different requirements, all the information must be understood before choosing the advisors.

Q8. How to print the transcript?

The school will provided two auto pay machine to print the transcript, one is located in the administration building next to the mailroom (24 hours), and another one is located in the office of Academic Affairs.

Q9. How to effectively use the library?

1. NTHU Library which includes the main library, humanity building library, mathematics building library, physics building. All library are available for all the student in NTHU.

2. For the first use of the service, students need to sign “the statement of patron’s privileges.” Students can also use the self-service machine and self-return machine. Also the library will also provide areas for reading, audio visual, learning, individual study room and more. All this can be manage and reserve by accessing into the library personal account

3. The library is connected to the University System of Taiwan; books can be borrowed between the libraries. If it’s one’s first time to use the service, it’s required to sign the policy. Student from NTHU can also go to NCTU library and borrow books by using student ID card.

4. The library provides student a good learning center.

Q10. How to buy the Teaching material and other require books?

The teaching material are mostly in English, it will be more expensive, but pleases do not copy any books, In order to avoid violating the law.

The teaching materials can be borrowed in the library or student s can ask the seniors for books, if it’s necessary to purchase books, here are some tips:

1. Students are allowed to centralized purchase with other people who are taking the same courses.

2. Bookstore purchasing: there is a book store in NTHU, also there are many other bookstore around the school.

3. Online purchasing: there are many online website that can purchase books such as kingstone, eslite, and more.

Q11. Can foreigner students work as teacher assistants, research assistants? And can they get salary?

For those students who are receiving scholarships, according to the law cannot work in any corporation. Any students that violate these laws will no longer receive any scholarship and also will be asked to return all the scholarships that had been received.
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