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Q & A ♥
Q1. How to Apply for Visa
Please refer to Resident VISA and Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) page

Q2. Does NTHU offer Airport Pick up service? If no, how to reach NTHU by public transportation ?
In principle,arranged by the school, Airport pick up locations in International Taoyuan Airport
Students will be informed of the specific time by email, the student need to inform the flight and arrival time in advance.
This semester is expected to arrange on September 3 to September 5

Arrived their own :
Taoyuan International Airport: take shuttle bus from airport (NT$ 30 ) to THSR Taoyuan Station, then take Hsinchu High Speed ​​Rail Station (NT $ 140 ) headed south, and take Taxi to Hsinchu (NT$200) to Tsinghua University University.
Songshan Airport: Take the MRT at Matsuyama Airport (about 20 minutes) to Taipei Bus Station, then take coach to Tsinghua University Station, you can walk into the school to the dormitory.

Q3. How does NTHU regrsitration prcedure ?
Before Registration Date:
Complete and Check Background Information Online
Upload your photo Online (log in NTHU acedemy system)
Diploma and Certificate Submission (this can be done in advance to Ms.Vicki from Global Affairs)
National Health Insurance (NHI) and Paper Personal Profile update
Attend New foreigner student Orientation
On Regisrstation Date:
In campus NTHU new student physical examination
Diploma and Certificate Submission
collect student card.
Alien Resident Certificate Application

Q4. NTHU Foreigner students tuition, credit fees calculated?
1. National Tsing Hua University tuition and credit fees are calculated by semester (Fall Semester: Sept.-Jan; Spring Semester: Feb.-Jun.), not the whole year ;

2. Foreigner students tuition fees/per semester: ( Unit: NTD )

* only for reference

3. In addition , students need to pay student safety insurance ( NTD153 ) , foreign student group insurance ( NTD3000) for the first 6 months , NTHU accommodation ( refer to office of Division Housing offical webpage ) .

Q5. How to pay for Tuition/miscellaneous fee ?
two ways
from NTHU Academic System Print out tuition fee bill
1. Pay cash : to nearest " Bank of Taiwan " or " Mega Bank " branches.
2. Convenience store payment [Recommended] : ( fee-free ) go to any convenience stores: Family-Mart , Hi-Life , O.K., 7-11

Q6. How to apply for a scholarship ?
Please refer Office of Global Affairs:

Q7. Whether school assist student to apply bank accounts ?
The school will help students apply for a bank account in campus branch ( currently Mega Bank or E. Sun Bank ) , and use the account as a bank account stated in the scholarship .

Q8. How to apply for Taiwan mobile phone numbers ?
2 ways:
1. directly apply a numbers at the airport
2 .After arriving, go to nearest telecommunications company
Mobile service operators in Taiwan are: Chunghwa Telecom , Taiwan Mobile , Asia Pacific Telecom , remote telecommunications.
2 kinds phone packages: Pay monthly mobile phone plan and top-up
For details, please refer to the operators website introduction.
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